A Few Inspirations and Their Looks for Less

I got the Pottery Barn catalog in the mail a while back, and began perusing it.  For some reason, I have been on a "hosting" kick lately--kind of loving all things related to tablescapes, dinner parties, linens, and kitchen.  I kinda started crushing on this ridiculously expensive set of salt and pepper shakers I found in the Pottery Barn catalog (let's be honest, I would have a hard time spending $40 on a small set of dishes, so a set of salt and pepper shakers is out of the question for this thrifty girl!).  But I also remembered seeing this adorable set at Target, for a mere $2.99...now that I can work with!  And if owls aren't your thing, I also really liked these other little creature sets from Target (here and here).

I also fell in love with Naomi's pom pom Anthropologie table runner she used at her Thanksgiving dinner (I couldn't find the image on their website, they must be sold out, however I have a sneaking suspicion that it is out of my budget), but it comes from the Nomades Table Linen collection.  I found this knock-off tutorial on the blog "At Home on the Bay", and plan on trying it!  I don't think it would be very hard to replicate, and would go with a lot of tablescapes.

I also needed to make stockings for our little family this year.  Our old ones were not looking so great, Landon still didn't have one and I know that we will for sure have a fourth member of the family by next Christmas :) Pottery Barn also had some beautiful faux fur stockings, and I was also inspired by some that I found on Pinterest.  So for less than the cost of 1 Pottery Barn stocking, I whipped up 4 new ones for my fireplace.  I borrowed a stocking pattern from a friend, because I loved the size of hers.  What really makes these different than any standard stocking, is the heavier and textured upholstery fabric and faux fur cuff.  They are made the same way you'd do any other one!  I used pom-pom trim for my loops, so much simpler than trying to make my own faux fur pom pom, but you still get the same look.  If you are in need of some new stockings, maybe this will inspire you!  They are a project you can whip up in an evening or two.

Have you found anything lately that you can replicate or find elsewhere for less?  I want to hear!  It's always fun to find or make an affordable alternative!


JOY to the World: Holiday Letters for $5

I always find such inspiring (often intimidating and/or expensive) projects all over Pinterest.  This is definitely not one of them!  This project comes together in a matter of minutes, and adds a lot of pizzazz to your holiday decor.

I was inspired to do this project by this pin, but sadly it did not have a tutorial linked to it.  But I knew I could probably replicate it fairly easily, and I was very pleased with the results.

My supplies cost me right around $5 (assuming you already have mod podge and basic supplies).  I bought 3 paper mache letters and some gold glitter paper from Hobby Lobby (don't forget to use a coupon on one of the items you purchase, if they aren't already on sale!).

I did have my husband spray paint the back and sides with gold paint we already had, but I don't think it is necessary.  Especially if you choose to do a gold glitter paper.  If you opt for a silver glitter paper, you might want to paint the back and sides a silver or gray for a more cohesive look.
Trace the letter backwards onto the back of the glitter paper.  Cut out the letter.  Apply a thin layer of mod podge onto the front of the letter and lay down the cut out paper that matches the letter.  Firmly press down on the paper (rest a heavy book on top of it for a few minutes, if desired), let set and dry.  Then use as decor wherever your heart desires!  Obviously, the possibilities are endless.  Any word can be used!  NOEL would also be one I would love!   (Keep in mind the cost will go up some if you use a lot of letters, but it is still very affordable decor!).  And any color of glitter paper would also be very beautiful.  Silver or red would be very festive.  I have it set on top of my piano.  It would look gorgeous on a mantel, bookshelf, end table, etc.  
I hope you give this project a try.  It really comes together quickly and inexpensively (my favorite kind of projects), and really adds to the existing decor in my house.  Happy Holiday Crafting!


Happy Holidays!

Well, I went missing a tad longer than I anticipated...for no good reason other than the routines and responsibilities of regular life get in the way.  And with the holiday season now in full-swing, schedules are just getting busier and jam-packed.  It's the down-side of being an adult during the holidays--you have church and community things that you might be in charge of, shopping lists to purchase (meaning wallets are empty!), and the logistics of lugging out the decoration totes with a big pregnant belly!  And if you are anything like my family, you have about a million birthdays squeezed in between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

But there is still magic in the air, right?!  I love this time of year! I can hardly soak it all in before it's time to anticipate the next holiday season.  There are so many amazing festivities (many free or inexpensive) to spend time with your family, sentimental traditions, service rendered to loved ones and strangers, and of course--reflecting on our blessings and on the birth of Jesus Christ.

Landon is starting to walk (finally, yay!), and had his first napless day on Thanksgiving (not fun!).  Brett has been busy working overtime as his fourth quarter of the year is winding down, and I've been keeping him plenty busy with house projects and helping me with decorations when he is home (bless his heart).  I've been helping baby girl grow bigger and longer, trying to keep up with my day-to-day duties and I burned my neck with the curling iron for the first time in years (so now it looks like I'm sporting a hickey and it's a bit embarrassing).  You're pretty much caught up on what we've been doing while I haven't been blogging, ha!

These are the best photos we could get at Thanksgiving.  It was a long day with this little dude...I'm already a little nervous about what I'll do next year with two little ones!

Landon looking adorable in some of his winter gear.  He is the cutest giraffe I ever did see...

Stay tuned, because I have a couple simple tutorials I am getting ready to share for this week!  We are talking Christmas decor you can do for around $5, and in a matter of minutes!  What could be better?!  I'm also working on maybe a few simple gift guides and an idea board for a frugal New Year's Eve Party (that I plan on actually throwing myself).  Oh, and a few fun date night or family fun ideas to share!  All these ideas are swirling around in my head, but I am working on getting them written up now!  So come back and visit soon and often!