Fallas Paredes Women's Finds: 2 Looks under $30 Head to Toe

Remember this post yesterday where I revealed a potential gold mine for trendy clothes and accessories on the cheap...?

Well I promised to reveal a separate post on the things I found for myself.  I must admit, they had me giddy!

For the first outfit, I posted a teaser on instagram, because I knew I would be wondering where someone scored those polka dot pants for $7!

shoes: Fallas Paredes ($9.99)
polka dot pants: Fallas Paredes ($7.00)
lace shirt: Wal-Mart ($9.94)
pearl earrings: Forever 21 ($2.80 for 10 pairs of pearls)

That entire outfit totals for under $30!  I could have accessorized more, but being a mom and with the heat, it was a top-knot, minimal kind of day that day!

The next look is a floral print pant.  I have slowly come around to embracing some comoponents of the floral trend.  And while I feel a little "iffy" about these pants, the print itself was one I felt pretty comfortable with.  I am trying to figure out ways to wear them more!

shoes: Fallas Paredes ($9.99)
floral print pants: Fallas Paredes ($9.99)
gray shirt: Fallas Paredes ($3.99)
pearl earrings: Forever 21 ($2.80 for 10 pairs of pearls)

And again, all came down to less than $30 for the entire outfit!  Not too shabby, especially since all of these were purchased new, not even thrifted or second-hand.

And these are most definitely "mom approved" outfits.  Landon had to be whisked off the lawn mid-photo shoot since he was consuming handfuls of grass at a time.

I also purchased a pair of swim suit bottoms (for $3.99) to go with a swimsuit top I purchased at Wal Mart (for $13).  But I will spare you a picture of that for now.  Maybe some time by the pool I will take a quick snapshot.  

photo cred: my adoring husband Brett.  He said he would charge me $50 for a photo shoot, but I made a counteroffer he couldn't refuse ;)

And you can check out my pinterest board "printed pants" that I am using to help give me ideas on how to style these pants!


  1. I love this! How did I not know this place existed??? You and your little boy are too cute!


  2. such good deals! thanks for the tip and the adorable photos!