It's Been a Rough One

It's been a rough week.

An ER visit with Vivienne who has a double ear infection and possibly a UTI...

And Landon split a little bit of his face open near his eye and has a bruised eyelid now...

I've had better weeks.  And I've slept probably more in one night than I have totally combined this week. Poor Brett can't really sleep well when I'm up with Vivienne during the night, so he takes turns helping with her and he is sleep deprived too.  He did bring me a big bag of chocolate home last night when he went to buy some butterfly band-aids for Landon's face.  Smart man.  I sure love him, and wouldn't want to be doing this parenting thing with anyone else!

We are surviving.  And I think we are slowly on the mend!  Hopefully the weekend will bring better days!