I am frugal—partly by nature, and partly out of necessity.  I love getting my nails done, travelling, and shopping just as much as the next girl, but as a young wife and mother, my money doesn’t always stretch that far.  I am an avid reader of lifestyle and fashion blogs, but sometimes those lifestyles are so out of touch with the way I can afford to live.  But I have learned that you don’t need oodles of money to be happy or live a life full of wonderful experiences.  Just being a little resourceful, trying out new things, and putting in a little elbow grease can produce tremendous results.  A lot of lifestyle blogs are inspiring and fun to look at and daydream, but I usually can’t afford to purchase a $250 bag for my dreamy vacation to Greece, dress my little boy straight out of the Baby Gap, or eat at a swanky restaurant every weekend.  But I can thrift a $5 genuine leather satchel that was made in Italy for my vacation to California, dress my little boy straight out of Baby Gap thrifted jeans, and make pizza on my grill that gives those swanky places a run for their money!  This blog is a space where we can share our ideas on how we live a lavish lifestyle on a dime.  This isn’t a coupon system or any other rigid rules that are required, take the ideas you like and try them out!  And share your frugal tips, I always love new ideas on saving money!


  1. Love the new blog Tia, this is going to be a such great resource for so many people! You rock at being frugal and fabulous simultaneously!

  2. Ohhh I am anxious to learn some tips and tricks! This is gonna be a great blog!