Summer Movie Fun

I just got back in town from Utah (I hitched along with my family while Brett was at scout camp for the week)!  And despite the fact that they were hitting record-breaking highs there, it was still a nice break from the Arizona summer heat!  Now that is saying something.

So pardon my more sparse posting since I was vacationing.  And please continue to pardon my sparse posting as I try to recover from post-vacation blues (loads of laundry, sweltering heat, etc.) while I catch up on my regular daily-duties and posts!

But, in case you need an idea for something to escape the heat here in AZ, here is one!

I know this isn't a secret, but it was something I decided to do this year.  All of my cousins my age that live around here, do this together, and since I have Landon now I decided to join in on the fun!

It is called, Summer Movie Fun and is put on by Harkin's Theaters.  At the beginning of the summer, I bought a season pass for $7, which meant I could go to 10 movies over the summer for that price, total!  All my tickets came with the $7 purchase, so that is less than $1/movie, for 10 movies!  Now, the movies they show are not in theaters, they are already released movies.  But it is a fun outing and since I coordinate with my cousins, we get to see each other once a week in the summer. 

Since it is mid-summer and you might not be able to get your money's worth for a whole season pass, or if you travel a lot and would miss a lot of days--you can just show up to the theater during one of the movies designated times, and if space allows, purchase a ticket for $2 just for that one day and movie.  It still is a really inexpensive option to escape the heat and get out of the house!

I also "splurged" on a $5 loyalty cup, so I can get cheap refills every week or any other time I go to the movies this whole year.  Those who know me well, know I love a good fountain soda!

Brett and I also love to frequent the Picture Show Theater at Superstition Springs (it is $2 for admission, except for $1 on Tuesdays).  It is a discount theater that shows movies that have already hit regular theaters but not been released on DVD yet.  It is a great alternative for date night, than going to a traditional theater, since tickets can be $10 or more in the regular theaters!  We can afford dinner and a movie on the nights we choose to go there!

What do you do during the summer to escape the heat?  I could always use more ideas!

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