Easiest Soup that is Restaurant Worthy

Right after I had Landon, Brett's Aunt Kaye brought us over some lunch/dinner.  It was so simple, heart-warming, delicious and the ultimate comfort food.  I have been having some mad cravings for it, so I made it last night for dinner.

I'm sure you are wondering what she brought us...she brought us a simple potato soup, bread bowls, caesar salad, and rice krispy treats with chocolate drizzled on top.  And it still brings me comfort just thinking of the meal. 
Sorry for the crappy pictures, one day I'll learn how to take beautiful food pictures...one day.

The soup was rich, flavorful, and filling (even for my husband), and it just hit the spot.  So of course, I asked for the recipe and was floored when she told me her secret to make this delicious soup in a matter of minutes! 

Here is her recipe:
1 package of Bear Creek creamy potato soup mix
8 cups water
1 box augratin potatoes with sauce mix (I use the generic store brand)
chopped celery
chopped carrots

Throw it all in the crockpot on low, and let it simmer away for several hours to let the vegetables become tender.

If you don't have a crockpot, then of course, you can do the simmering in a soup pot as well. 

Sometimes the consistency gets rather thick (especially if eaten as leftovers), so add a splash of milk to thin it out if needed!

Obviously, the added veggies, really are optional, but I like the variety it gives to the soup.  Bear Creek soup isn't super inexpensive, but this tastes like a soup you might get at a restaurant (think a Paradise Bakery or Zupas type of restaurant), and makes a lot!  So really, cost per serving isn't super high compared to eating out.  And it is so easy.  Sometimes I am willing to pay $1 or $2 more for a lot of convenience and something I know I'll love. 

Because of the flavorings, this doesn't taste like a traditional baked potato soup.  But if you are looking for something like that, here is my most favorite, inexpensive, and delicious, baked potato soup recipe.  The reason I love this soup, is you don't have to pre-bake or peel the potatoes for it (as so many other recipes require).  Top it off with sour cream, chives, and leftover bacon or ham.  This is another restaurant quality soup that will blow your socks off with how easy and tasty it is!  I love the loaded baked potato soup I order at a local restaurant called Crackers & Co, and this is just as good!

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