Guest Post: Trendkin "Frugal Fashion"

Hey!  How is everyone doing?  I'm off trying to escape some of the blistering heat, so Trendkin is guest posting for me today while I'm gone!  I hope you enjoy, they have an amazing blog!

Brittany and Jennifer make up the female half of Trendkin. Brittany writes about style tips and trends for women while Jennifer heads up the DIY posts. Both girls know it’s important to look your best, but it can be even more important to stay inside your budget. Great style doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

We love that rewarding feeling when you find clothes for a screaming deal, knowing your adorable addition to your wardrobe didn't break the bank. Even though we love dressing up as much as the next girl, we rarely pay full price for any of our outfits. You don't have to spend a fortune to look your best! Here are a few of our personal tricks and tips to starting a killer wardrobe on a budget.

Thrift it up
Our tips and tricks aren’t anything new, but we swear by them. It's even turned into a hobby for both of us. Our number one go-to place when we are looking for something new (well, new to us) is a thrift store. We love hunting through thrift stores and we never limit ourselves to just one. By hitting up multiple stores, you increase your chance to score a big find, and you might find exactly what you are looking for. Some of our favorite pieces have come from stores like Goodwill, DI and other thrift/consignment stores!
Still not convinced places like Goodwill has awesome stuff? Check this out.

My outfit in the pictures above was almost entirely thrifted. I recently nabbed the white Oxford shirt and the green jumper at Goodwill on half price day. I knew I was getting a steal when the cashier told me that the jumper had come in only the day before and was still in a Dillard's bag!

I also love Nordstom Last Chance. Phoenix is one of the only locations, so I feel so lucky to have one close by. I picked up my nude Enzo Angiolini pumps there about a year ago. They go with just about everything and are quite comfortable. The best part? These shoes sell for well over $100 in department stores, but they were less than $20 at Last Chance!

And as for my accessories, I thrifted the purse and got my necklace at Stein Mart using a 40% off coupon. Stein Mart has great sales and coupons are always available online. The store might have a bit of an elderly stigma, but let me tell you, I have gotten some quality pieces for next to nothing at Stein Mart!

The two necklaces I am wearing are the only things in my outfit that aren’t thrifted from Goodwill. I made the blue necklace (you can check out the DIY here) and the tan one is from Charming Charlie’s discounted merchandise. Charming Charlie’s is a fun store any day to run by and find some great accessories on a budget. I love my tan necklace because it goes with just about any outfit and can be layered with practically any other necklace I own. 
My skirt and belt aren’t brand name per se but they are awesome quality and totally fun pieces as the geometric embroidery is really ‘in’ right now and the snake skin belt is a perfect accent to so many looks. And getting a J. Crew shirt and Guess heels for less than $10 isn’t a bad deal either!

***As a side note, you probably won't be successful every time you hit up a thrift store (we for sure aren’t), but don't give up! It's definitely hit and miss and you will get better as you keep going.

Be in the know
Another great way to save on clothing is to sign up for emails from your favorite stores. If you are going to shop there, you might as well be on top of all the sales and promotions. Most stores have at least 35% off on their stock about once a month and some have deals that will surprise you. One of our faves, Banana Republic, sometimes has 40% off one item almost weekly!

If having your inbox inundated with emails from stores every day is not your thing, or if you are afraid that you will be too tempted, make an email solely for your subscriptions and just check it when you are ready and looking for the perfect purchase.

Want to see some of our favorite steals?

Another one of my favorite stores always seems to surprise people. A lot of women ask where I bought the blouse in the pictures below, and when I answer, many are shocked I didn't buy it at Anthropologie. So where did I buy it? JCPenney!

My skirt is part of a Tehari suit that retails for over $500 dollars in regular department stores, but I got it for less than $50 at Stein Mart a few years ago. I love the bright yellow color and that I can wear the suit as a complete ensemble or as separates.

Once again, I got the platform sandals at Last Chance. You really need to take a peek; you might walk out with some fabulous shoe finds.

I adore J. Crew styles, but my wallet doesn’t really let me indulge in their prices. I was ecstatic when I realized that J. Crew has a factory store online that has great deals all the time. I got my ikat top for 30% off for some recent family pictures and it is easily one of my new favorites.

My shorts were an amazing find for me. I am nearly six feet tall and it is extremely hard to find shorts that fit me correctly and with all the cute printed shorts that are too short, it was pretty disheartening to not be able mix things up more. I was beyond excited when I found these shorts on Gap.com that came in talls. All I had to do was wait for a 30% off sale and they were mine!

I got my sandals at Target, a perfect place for great and easy styles on a budget, and my purse was $30 from JCPenney.

Next time you hit the stores, don’t forget the idea behind frugal fashion is taking the time to search for deals and being aware of sales. Also, don’t get stuck in the mindset that a store is out of your price range or won’t have clothes that fit your style. Most of the time, you will be surprised at the sales and inventory some stores have. Being in the know will not only help save time, but will help you achieve the look you love, without emptying your wallet.


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