Family Fun: A Donut Outing

Whew!  Sorry I wasn't super active in the blogging world last week.  I got a bad case of the stomach flu that really wiped me out.  But now I am doing much better, so the blogging can continue!  This week I will add a couple more ideas for some budget-friendly family fun. 

Have you ever been to Bosa Donuts?  We have one nearby, and they have some seriously delicious donuts! A couple Saturdays ago, we decided to take a morning bike ride over there and get a donut, and some donut holes (for Landon...ahem) for breakfast.

I loved it so much it might become a tradition every so often on Saturday mornings...not such a great idea for the waistline though!

And if you want to see how adorable Landon looks in his little bike helmet, you can check the picture in this post!

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  1. Bosa is the best!!! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!