Frugal Fitness: Free Version

I already posted about gym options that are more affordable, but what if the gym isn’t your thing?  Exercise can be free!  Usually the best kind is free!

Here are a few ideas of things you can do that are free, or close to it:

A lot of communities have courts you can use for free—like at parks and high schools, or community centers that only charge a few dollars.  If you already have equipment—free!  If not, ask to borrow from a friend, check your local thrift stores, garage sales, and Craigslist.  And even brand new, the equipment isn't terribly pricey if you aren't looking at professional level quality.

Before little Landon arrived, we used to meet our friends nearly every week to play doubles!  McKenzie and I actually met at a tennis clinic in high school and have remained dear friends ever since. 

Bike Ride
For a birthday present a couple years ago, my parents gifted us a set of bikes.  Then this last Christmas, a baby seat was another gift so that we can enjoy bike rides as a family.  It isn't the most intense exercise for us, but the fact that we are out and about moving and enjoying nature still has its perks!  Again, if you don’t have bikes and you want to go on a bike ride, see if you can borrow from a friend, check local thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist, and even some venues have affordable bike rentals.  Groupon, and sites like it, might also have bicycle rental promotions in certain locations.  You’d be surprised at how many people probably have a bike collecting dust in their garage and would love to let you borrow theirs!  This new site, Spinlister, is still growing, but it is a really cool concept for bike rental both locally and while you are traveling!  Check it out!    

Just take a jog around your neighborhood or at a local nearby trail.  Free and good exercise!

Workout Videos
These have not proven to be the best option for me to stay motivated, but I need to work on it because you can get a slew of options with workout videos!  From yoga to cardio, and everything in between.  Many of them require no equipment other than your own body for weight resistance, and once you own the video—it’s free!  Look for videos at thrift stores (who doesn’t love a retro video with neon and leotards?!) and second hand entertainment stores (like FYE), on Craigslist, or borrow from a friend.  There are also some cool apps on smart phones that are inexpensive or free (like the Nike App) and with YouTube, you can find all sorts of videos and even subscribe to channels that offer very vigorous workout options—all for free! 

I am not even scratching the surface when it comes to free or really inexpensive options for exercise.  Please comment and tell me what you do or what your ideas are!  These are all pretty obvious examples, what are some more unique ones or other obvious ones I didn't mention?

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