Let's Talk Nails

I love getting my nails done, just as much as the next girl.  And I feel so much more pulled together with my nails nicely manicured.  And on top of it, my new indulgence is of course, the "gel nails".  But being a young wife and mom, getting my nails done on a monthly basis isn't a priority when we budget.  So going to a nail salon to get them done is now a rare treat, not part of my regular beauty routine.

But of course, that doesn't mean I can't have rockin' nails!  Just the last few months, I have discovered a great top coat polish that makes nails super shiny and is fast-drying (so you can squeeze a manicure in during nap time!).  I have had several people ask me if they are gel nails, but it's just the awesome top coat!  It also helps your nail polish last longer, although the results don't last quite as long as gel nails, they do keep them in pretty good shape for a while!

The top coat is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  I use it over all my polish now!

I bought it at Target, but you can purchase it from Amazon, and I am sure most drug stores and beauty supply stores carry it as well.

Another thing I have learned about doing my own nails, is that there is a huge difference between nail "polish" and nail "lacquer".  I now pay  more attention when I am buying a color that I think I will wear often.  I typically will spend more on a lacquer for a color that I think I will use regularly, and buy the cheaper quality stuff for trendier colors that I just want to try out for fun. Brands like OPI and Essie are nail "lacquers".

Mimosas with Mr. & Mrs.

For example, I own OPI in Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. and in Lincoln Park After Dark because they are both shades I wear often.  I want to splurge on a coral color for this summer!  I just pick up trendier colors like greens and blues (that I don't tend to wear as often) at the drug store with brands that are less expensive and not usually nail "lacquer".

The reason I love Mimosas with Mr. & Mrs. is because you can wear it so long!  Even if you have a little "wear and tear" on your nails, the color is so natural, you don't notice chipping nearly as easily.

Here is a shot of my toes.  This is a cheapy polish I got for 99 cents, but it looks fabulous with that top coat.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  Very shiny and thick looking.  Looks like a professional pedi, even from this amateur! 

What are some other tips for nails?  I love learning more about what works for other people!


  1. Seriously! YOu and I could be best manicure friends because those are also my go-to colors...when I do paint my nails..which is hardly ever. I have been wanting to venture out and try lavender...just haven't done it yet!

    1. Brittany, I have never thought of lavender! That sounds like a color I would love. Maybe I need to pick some up this week :)