Spreading the Love: Camille at Friday We're in Love

I love Camille over at Friday We're in Love!  If you don't already follow her blog, then please do!  She and her husband blog to inspire others to date.  If you are single, they want to help you come up with fun and innovative ideas.  And if you are married, they want to encourage you by going on exciting dates to keep your love and marriage alive and well.  They have a ton of dating ideas, some of which are extremely budget friendly or even free.

She just launched a new series where every 14th of the month, she features a blogger or two that she loves!  It is called, Spreading the Love with Friday We're in Love.  Her goal is to always tell people the positive things she notices, even strangers.  Sometimes it can be uncomfortable or you feel silly, but it can really mean a lot to someone!  She invited other bloggers to join in as well.

I decided to feature Camille this month!  I have to tell you, she is as amazing as she sounds!  I remember knowing who she was at church, years ago.  She was on-the-ball, smart, and dressed to kill.  Little did I really know how much depth there really was to her and what a great friend she is to all those around her!

I have to give her a ton of credit for encouraging me in my blogging pursuits.  She hosted a party, and made a comment about one blog post she really liked in front of everyone.  She sold them on that post!  And although I felt slightly embarrassed at the attention, I mostly felt flattered that she would be so vocal about it.  Because when Camille has an opinion on something, people listen!  When I told her my idea for this blog, she told me that I should definitely start it up.  She has been a great source of advice, both personally and for blogging.

So thanks Camille, for being inspiring and for starting up this wonderful new series!

This is me and Camille at the Easter Pageant with our husbands in 2012
Landon is in my belly, that is why I look ginormous!
You can see a guest post I did on her blog long ago, before this blog was ever even a twinkle in my eye.  Bonus: it's an idea for a FREE date!


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  2. Oh my gosh Tia I am blushing over here! I can't believe you wrote about me, so not my intention here!

    Thanks for being so amazing, and for being such an amazing blogger. You totally made my day, and thanks for linking up :) Hopefully more people get to experience the joy I just did reading this!