Favorite Spots Around Town: Fallas Paredes

I stumbled upon this store in high school and have shopped there ever since!

If you are on the lookout for trendy items on a budget, you should look here first!

I mean, how many stores do you go into that have a sign that says $1.99 and has clothes hanging on the rack below it?  I have gotten a dress here for $1 before!  

This is also a great place to get work out clothes, sweats, and leggings if you are looking to keep your price point low.  They also have a decent selection of plain colored shirts for around $3.

Of course, it is hit-or-miss, but most places are with good deals.  I just pop in here when I am nearby and have a few minutes to spare.

I got some killer cute things there, so tomorrow I will have a feature post on the "women's" things I got.  But here is a peek at what other goodies there are!

I even saw decorative pillows starting at $3.99!  Now that is a steal!

These colored/printed skinnies for little girls are too cute for words.  And for $7.99/piece, I wouldn't feel bad about buying a pair.  It really beats these J.Crew Girl's colored and printed pants starting at $42+ (on clearance) for sure!

They also have a huge baby/infant and men's section as well as a decent selection of plus-sizes!  Stay tuned for my finds for tomorrow.  They are the purchases I've been most excited about yet!  

This store is located on Mesa Dr. and University, behind the McDonald's.  There is another location on Stapley and Southern, in the same shopping center as the Pro Ranch Market.  However, I prefer the one on Mesa Dr. and University.  Happy shopping on a budget!  


  1. I LOVE this store! I had no idea there was one on Stapley and Southern though! I might have to check that one out. It's a lot closer to me! Since I've been married, I've only shopped at Fallas Paredes the few times we've eaten at Rosa's. Haha. I WANT THAT V-NECK FOR RYAN! Yup. I think I'm going to stop by today.

  2. So everything there is new, not used? That's awesome! I think I'll take my sisters there during the summer for some school clothes.

    1. Libbie,
      Yes, everything is new! Although, I think some of the items are "name brand" things that are overstock and such from other stores. I have seen Target brands and Gap there before. Sometimes they cross out or cover the brands though.

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