Secret Eyelashes

So I have fairly long eyelashes.  But they aren't super thick or dark, so for me, mascara is necessary.

Which meant I was super jealous of the luscious lashes that eyelash extensions gave a lot of women I saw around town.  But let's be honest...my husband wouldn't be thrilled if I thought that spending $30+ a month on my eyelashes was a priority.

One day, my cousin's adorable wife Stephanie, invited me to go with her to the MAC counter in Nordstrom.  It changed my life (Okay, slightly dramatic.  But it was indeed a wonderful secret she let me in on!).

That secret, I will now share with you...

False Eyelashes.

Don't worry!  I had nightmares of ripping out all my own lashes or never being able to get them on the right way.  And while I am still learning things as I go, I can assure you, that with a little help from the MAC people, and giving it a try one or two times, you will be well on your way to beautiful lashes on a dime!  Of course, you have to reapply them every day, they aren't permanent like extensions.  But saving this much money and still looking this good, is way worth it to me!  Once you have practiced, it will be a breeze applying them.

Stephanie is loyal to the Nordstrom Mac counter, she has always had better experiences going there, because she thinks that the MAC training combined with the Nordstrom training gives the best possible customer service.  So that's what I do.  You can go elsewhere if you feel so inclined!

They are great there, at the MAC counter!  They will help you pick out the lashes you want (I love the #7 lashes, and those are what I would recommend for first timers--more natural looking, but still make a statement).  They trim them to fit your eye, and will even put them on for you.

The lashes themselves run around $15, but the first time you go, you have to buy the glue.  The glue is one of the biggest secrets.  It starts out white, but dries clear.  The glue is amazing!  It is $12, but will last forever.  Don't scrimp and buy it elsewhere, or you won't enjoy putting these lashes on and wearing them.  At the MAC counter, they tell you that these lashes will last you 5-6 wears if you take good care of them.  I will tell you they will last you 3ish months, wearing them everyday, if you take good care of them!

So the first time you go, you will spend a little less than $30, but after that, you won't need to buy glue.  So $15 every few months for amazing lashes is awesome and way cheaper than extensions!  Here is another secret...my other cousin's wife, Skye, professionally applies eyelash extensions for other people.  But she wears MAC false eyelashes!  That is how great they are!

Tips for wearing these lashes:

- I put one very light coat of mascara on BEFORE applying the lashes (not after, the lashes won't last long if you put mascara on them) so that my natural lash won't be noticeable since they are light colored.

- If you don't have them trimmed by a MAC person, or they poke you in the inner corner of your eye, trim them down a little more.  I like it when my lashes only cover a little more than 3/4 length of my eye.  Your natural lashes will continue to the inner corner and if you have a light coat of mascara on already, it will look great and they will be much more comfortable!

- The glue starts out white and dries clear.  Apply a thin layer of glue (they should show you this at the MAC counter--I use a toothpick to do it) and let it air dry for a minute or so.  It will turn a slight yellow color, and that is when you should apply it to your eye.  It will be a  little more tacky and stay when applied.

- As long as you see "white" where the glue is, you can continue moving and fixing the lashes in place.  Once the white is gone, the glue has dried and you will probably have to re-apply.

- If you take Sunday afternoon naps and tend to sleep on half of your face (like I do), take the lashes off.  So you don't smoosh them into a weird shape.  It was a sad day when this happened to me!

- When taking the lashes off, they can peel right off.  It won't rip your natural lashes out, I PROMISE!  There is usually a thin layer of glue stuck to the lashes, resembling that of dried Elmer's glue.  Carefully pull it off the best you can, to keep your lashes in tip-top shape for a long while!

Hope this inspires someone to give them a try!  They really are so fun to have and use.  I feel pretty with nothing more than these on and some lip gloss, even at the grocery store with a baby on my hip.


  1. I'm inspired! I've always wanted to try falsies but I'm chicken. Good to read this post!

  2. I'm inspired (maybe not for everyday wear because when you are carless and work at home no one would see them anyways haha) but definitely nights out and fun occasions!

  3. Okay, this is a great idea! I had no idea MAC sold falsies OR showed you how to apply them. I guess I just never thought of it before. I've always wanted to try them, but I've been scared to try it myself. So this is a great idea. Thanks for the tips!