Mother's Day Idea: Instagram Magnets

So, I gave my mom her mother's day gift early, so that I could post this idea for you all to use if you want!

I know it isn't an extremely unique DIY, I've seen it floating around blogland/pinterest.  But Instagram magnets are seriously easy, fun, cute, and most anyone (especially a mom!) will love them!

use them to make a collage...

...they can help you hang up fun things on your fridge...

...or just be there to give you reminders of happy memories all on their own!

I used this tutorial from Megan at And Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson.  I didn't do everything exactly as she did, but pretty close.  I left more white space around each picture, like she wished she had done.  And I didn't use a paper cutter, just scissors to cut the pictures out, because I didn't have a paper cutter handy.  I loved her instructions on making and printing out the collage, they worked great for me!  

While working on these, I made the mistake of stacking them on top of each other.  The magnets sometimes left a little mark on the picture they were sitting on (major bummer, but they still were fine enough to give her!), so that is why, when I gifted them to my mom, I had torn paper in between.  Plus it kinda looked cute that way!

-          small tiles at Home Depot for under $3
-          magnets at Home Depot (and then got smart and ordered a bigger amount off of Amazon for around $5)
-          created the collage on picmonkey (free)
-          printed the collage at Costco (less than $2)
-          mod podge and brushes, already owned
-          glue gun to glue on magents, already owned

Good luck!   It was too hard to narrow down a few, so I made my mom a ton.  She can either rotate them out and change things up occasionally—or just have a fun collage on her fridge, even if she doesn’t need to hang anything up. 

I am working on printing off a collage to make myself a few.  This is a project that comes together quickly, once the collage is printed.  My favorite kind! 

These could also be a fun gift for a dad (either your own dad or husband) if he has a magnetized filing cabinet or something where he works.  I am trying to think of other ways to "back" the tiles (like a heavy duty thumb tack?) so they can be used on other surfaces.  Any ideas?!

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