Dining Out on a Dime: Casa Ramos

I had a fun and productive weekend canning!  Hope you had a good one.  I'll show you what we did this weekend, in a future post--coming up soon! 

We love to eat out, but if you aren't careful it can add up fast!  Typically we eat out places that maybe are quicker or don't have waiters/waitresses (i.e., less expensive).  But sometimes it is nice to sit back and have someone continually top off your water and serve you your food!  So when we are in the mood for that, and some good Mexican food, we head on over to...

...Casa Ramos.  It is on Main Street in Mesa.  It is reasonably priced, the staff are over-the-top nice, and it is delicious!  Bonus: It is also open late!

When you are seated, they bring you a bowl of tortilla chips and some roasted tomato salsa.  If you aren't careful, you get full from that!  Because we get the chips and salsa, we opt to share a combo meal (I think we normally get #19).  Our combo meal comes with a burrito, taco, and enchilada (your choice of meat in each--we love their shredded beef!), and a side of rice and beans.  So good!  

Last time we went, we made it out of there for $15, including tip!  Not too bad for delicious Mexican food, and great service where you are seated and waited on.  

Have you ever been to Casa Ramos?  Where is your favorite place to eat out that is budget friendly?  


  1. How have I NOT heard of this place!!!??? I am obsessed with Mexican food, and it is on main street..so realy how have I not heard of it!? Have you been to the new Gecko Grill yet? That is also another favorite along with Mattas and mangos! Yum...I could talk about Mexican food all day;)

  2. My husband's brother introduced us with this place and it was DELICIOUS!! Thanks for the reminder to go back soon! Found your blot thrum wives club :)