A Few Fun Links for the Weekend...

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!  Here are a few fun links for you to check out over the weekend...

This is us last weekend on Mother's Day, looking forward to another fun-filled weekend with my sweet family!
Landon's chambray shirt: thrifted (D.I.), bow tie: homemade from scrap fabric, shorts: hand-me-down from cousin 

Remember my post on the printed pants I scored for amazing deals?  Well I love how Liz gave them the spotlight here and here, and I loved seeing Nie Nie wearing them on her European trip! (scroll to the bottom of this post to see her outfit up-close!)

I really hope Hillary reveals what item cost her $1 in this look that is less than $50!

And if you are in the mood for some laughs...for free...check out Friday We're in Love's hilarious YouTube channel for hours of the best clips and videos back-to-back!  It is a date night "in" favorite around our house, since we don't have to sit for a few minutes and think of our favorite clips to look up.  We just sit back, and "enjoy the show"!

I love this post that Kathleen posted on Savvy Ways to Save Instead of Spend!

Can we not all relate to Chrissy's post about her mushy/burnt meatloaf and hope that our significant other reacts the way hers did?

A really simple tutorial for DIY beaded sandals, in case you can't find any you are in love with for the summer that is rapidly approaching!

And my heart was so happy when I read this blog post from a high school friend, who against ALL ODDS, is expecting a bundle of joy!

We have plans to attend a wedding reception, grill pizza on our back patio with friends, and maybe make some raspberry jam this weekend!  Are you up to anything exciting?

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