A Few Links for Your Weekend...

Well I am spending my weekend canning with a bunch of my sisters-in-law, it should be a good time (it always is with them!).  What are your plans?

One fun discovery this week, is that Landon enjoys avocados straight from the skins

Remember my lace shirt, from WalMart?  Well, I loved this post, it has inspired me to "shop my closet" and try wearing it a lot of different ways!

I've been really loving this yoga video to squeeze in a little something on busy days--it is challenging, but I can keep up.  Do it once or several times in a row, depending on your allotted time!

Cracking up at this post that talks about those oh-so-awkward doorstep scenes we all have experienced!  So true, so true...

After reading articles on about how the French do things, it reminded me of this blog post that I read and found fascinating (I kinda want to buy the book on my Kindle)...

Come join me next week, and I will report how my canning weekend went and we will talk about family fun on a budget (including dining out on a dime!).

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  1. Thanks for the yoga video, I will definitely try it out! My favorite part is that it's a 20 minute workout in 17 minutes.