Upgraded Terracotta Pots

I wanted a little bit of Spring in our home, and since we're in AZ, cacti and desert plants seemed like a good option.  When I stumbled on the itty bitty ones in Home Depot and they had vibrant Spring colors--coral, pink, and yellow, I was convinced.

Terracotta pots are really inexpensive, and an easy DIY for a customized look.  I got the idea when I was leaving work, and there was a beautiful terracotta pot on the patio that was painted yellow on the bottom.

I just taped off, and used newspaper to protect the part of the pots that I didn't want painted.  I just used a little spray paint for the color.  Once they dried, I removed the tape and newspaper and planted.  Now my living room has a little bit of color and life.  I love it!


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