Movie in the Park

So many communities now offer Movies in the Park for free!  Check your local areas to see it it is an option for you, or if you are in AZ, you can check out this link of movies in the park at the Biltmore mall.  We have gone several times, and it is great!

We went a few weeks ago, and we were able to go early and just hang out in the enjoyable weather.  We packed a picnic dinner and picked up some drinks on the way, which was a very frugal approach.  But you could always pick up some dinner on the way, keeping your price point reasonable--and it would still be a very affordable get-together, date, or family outing.

We saw Casablanca, it was my first time seeing it.  We met up with some friends for the movie.  Everyone brought their own dinner and we all shared treats.  It was a blast!

What do you do outdoors when the weather is nice?  We are trying to soak up the outside time before Arizona starts reaching the triple digits on a daily basis!

We got there really early to relax and save spots.  Best decision, we would recommend it!

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  1. Awesome, we have been wanting to go for quite some time! There's also one in Gilbert. What a fun post! :)