Frugal Fitness: Gym Time

Fitness, exercise, working out, training—the list of what you can call it goes on and on.  But we all know that taking care of ourselves physically is important.  Depending on your personality and attitude, it might be the thing you look forward to, the thing that gets you through the day, the thing you dread, or the thing you don’t get around to doing.  And for some it is entirely free and others it is extremely expensive.

For me, I am kind of in the middle of that mess.  I go through phases of loving working out and then others of dreading/avoiding it.  I don’t spend gobs of money on fitness, but I do spend a little bit.  Usually once I start a good routine, I realize how much I do enjoy it and how good I feel when I make it a priority.  But if I get out of the habit, then it is hard to find the energy/time/desire/etc. to get my booty back in shape.  I am sure this is representative of a lot of other people in regards to working out. 

Here in AZ, wintertime is the better time of year to exercise outside (less expensive) due to reasonable and bearable temperatures that don’t endanger your health (intense exercise in 115 degrees isn’t usually a good idea, folks!).  However, I am very safety-conscious, and since it gets dark a lot earlier, it was hard for me to find the time to go during day light when someone could watch my baby and working out indoors just wasn’t working out for me.  So I broke down and got a gym membership.  A few thoughts on gym memberships:

Gyms can be extremely pricey and have expensive start-up fees, sneaky cancellation fees, and tricky salesmen who try to hide the fine print.  I think many people can’t afford the regular standard gyms anymore.  But I have noticed a lot of “no-frills” gyms are starting to pop up in a lot of places.  No-frills = more affordable.  The no-frills doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t perks, but they just might not have the overly-excessive benefits that some high end gyms have.  They might not have child-care, they might not have every single machine, the locker room might not have blow-dryers, they might not have racquetball courts—you know what I mean.  So if something is really important to you, make sure they have it before you sign up. 

Two gyms that fall under the no-frills and affordable category that I have personally been to are:

I currently have a membership at Planet Fitness.  They have two membership options, one that costs $10/month, the other $20/month.  You get access to some more benefits if you have the more expensive membership, which includes unlimited guest privileges (you can take a friend every time you go—motivation!) and access to tanning and massage beds.  They do not have child care and their class options are more like brief instruction. 

Kelly, me at Planet Fitness working out (she came as my guest and to motivate me!)
I used to be a member of Gold’s Gym and it had very similar membership plans.  They did have a child care center, more options for classes, and unlimited guest privileges on the more expensive membership.  They did not have tanning and massage beds.

Both of these gyms seem to have more and more locations, you should see if there is one near you if going to a gym is how you get the best results! 

Do you know of any other gyms that are affordable? 

Stay tuned, because I have another post coming up on other options for free or inexpensive exercise that are not gym-related!

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  1. Tia! you've been busy, lady! Blog is lookin fabulous :) I miss our little gym sessions. Keep up the good work!