Superstition Ranch Market

I'm going to blog some of my favorite spots around town...

First up is Superstition Ranch Market.  I know this isn't a secret, but thought I would post it in case any people haven't heard or been to the ranch market.

This place has gobs and gobs of fresh produce for a steal!  As a disclaimer, I need to state that typically the produce from here has a slightly shorter shelf-life, and you sometimes have to dig for something good, but not always.  And the prices usually counteract any inconvenience of digging through for a few seconds longer, for me at least!

I typically do my grocery shopping at WinCo (a little at Costco) every few weeks.  In between these trips, I will pick up the produce I need at the Superstition Ranch Market every week, or week and a half.

Here is a glimpse into one of my shopping trips...

As you can see, the prices can't be beat.  I mean, 8 red bell peppers for $1?!  Usually one of those beauties can cost $1!  Stuffed bell peppers for dinner, anyone?

Depending on the day and time of day you come, this place can be packed.  I like to try to go during times that aren't "peak" times (i.e., not on a Saturday, not right before the dinner hour, etc.).  There is a lot of produce packed into this small store, so we wear the Moby for easier navigation.

Not many other places can you score grapes for this deal!

They even have a huge assortment of specialty cheeses, fresh breads and cinnamon rolls, and dried goods as well (although I never buy the dried goods here, the price point on these is fairly high).  

I got all this produce, for a whopping $9.02.  What a deal!  We will have yummy meals and snacks this week!

2 cantaloupes, 1 watermelon, 4 bananas, 2 cases of strawberries, grapes, green onions, 3 regular yellow onions, 3 zucchini, 5 avocados, 8-9 Roma tomatoes, 2 Produce Partners mixes (1 for salsa, 1 for guacamole).

And if you don't live close by to make regular stops, it is a good place to buy in bulk to can or bottle produce.  Or, you can stock up and freeze produce.  My friend Kara from Not Quite Mary Poppins, did a blog post here, on how to do just that!  Very simple tutorial with pictures, so check it out!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so excited that you wrote about this!! I have heard so much about it, but it's so nice to get a more detailed glimpse!! Totally going to try it out. Those prices are seriously outrageous! In a good way! Haha.

  2. This place has ruined me! Now when I need a quick something at the regular grocery store I have a hard time paying those prices.