Frugal Fashion: Easter Edition

I am a big believer in dressing "seasonally" appropriate with colors, styles, etc.  For example, wearing a burnt orange colored cardigan in the middle of Spring would be a big "no-no" for me.  And who doesn't love a special outfit on Easter Sunday?  But it gets too pricey to buy brand new outfits for every special occasion.  Here is how we did our Easter Sunday outfits on a budget!

Here is the little family Easter morn...

I really wanted to get Brett a new tie for his "Easter Basket" but was just too exhausted ran out of time (lame wife!) to get to Ross to check on their inventory.  They seem to usually have a decent selection of ties for around $10.  But he did get a new white shirt (Kirkland brand from Costco--I really like them and they run around $18 and are wrinkle-resistant) that he needed desperately.  

Hope this can inspire you to have some frugal, but cute "Springy" outfits!

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  1. Is altering the sleeves hard? I always find dresses with sleeves that are too big and it's making me miserable.