Stretching Meals: Easter Edition

How do you use up your leftovers from Easter dinner?

We used our leftover rolls and ham to make sandwiches (throw a little Dijon mustard on there to kick it up a notch), potato salad (using all those hard-boiled eggs that are dyed over the weekend), and some veggies and pickles we keep on hand for salads and snacks.

Easy and delicious dinner!

Ham is also good in lots of casseroles, omelets, on homemade pizza, and in potato soup.  Or, if you have the ham hawk, boil it to make a stock and make ham and bean soup.  Yum!

For those hard-boiled eggs, use them to make egg salad sandwiches, in a salad, or plain with a little salt for a protein-filled snack.

Any other ideas on how to use up those hard-boiled eggs and ham?  Hope your Easter weekend was wonderful!

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