Our Future Farmhouse

So, since last posting we were able to take a peek in our future farmhouse.  It was a leap of faith planning on moving somewhere that I had never been.  But Brett and I are somewhere on the spectrum of being "visionary" and "DIY-ers" and knew we could probably fix up whatever we would need to.

However, we were so pleasantly surprised when we walked in!  Sure there are little things that aren't perfect about it, but overall, it is adorable and will be such a great fit for our family!  Here are a few things that I am excited about, now that I have been to our future farmhouse:

- Built-in hutch, for my platters and pretty dishes...similar to the one our current house has!  I was sad to leave the one here, and told Brett I wanted to find an old used hutch and refinish it, because I loved having stuff on display...turns out, I won't need to do that!
- Butcher block countertops.  If you read my post on our current kitchen, you already know that I had dreamed of possibly having butcher block counters replaced in there someday.
- Beadboard kitchen cabinets, add some sweet charm and character to the kitchen.
- A cute little window sill above the kitchen sink and a cute little nook above the stove.
- A natural gas stove.  I mean, who would've thought we would have natural gas out in the boonies...turns out, we do!
- A pantry.  It is small, but we've never had one before, so it's exciting for us.

Living Areas
- A large stone natural gas fireplace...swoon.
- A large fully enclosed Arizona Room with hard wood floors and giant windows.

- Each one has a bathroom connected to it
- We will have a walk-in closet!  It's small, but still a huge upgrade from any closet we've ever had.

- Huge enclosed backyard, lined with giant mature trees, for plenty of shade (and tree swings, don't worry--Brett is aware this will be another project he will have, along with farmhouse picnic tables).
- A hot tub in the back yard, which will provide for great date-nights-in (or girls nights, if any of my friends come and visit me!).
- Apple trees with apples growing and ripening up for the fall.  I will make apple crisp, homemade applesauce, and dehydrated apple chips with them.

I'm excited to get to decorate such a charming little house to call ours for the next while.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Sounds perfect! Save me some dehydrated apple chips :)