Heaven in a Cup: Dirty Dr. Peppers

Those who know me well, know that I love an ice cold Dr. Pepper!  Fountain sodas are normally my favorite, and I love just sipping on one throughout the day.  Soda straight from the can is my least favorite, but it's definitely the cheaper option, so I do drink canned soda more often now. I don't have soda every day, but it is definitely an indulgence (along with chocolate), that I treat myself to often.

Fountain sodas have been taking the back-burner though, since I discovered the awesome dirty Dr. Pepper.  Now, this can be done with Diet Dr. Pepper/Coke/Diet Coke, etc. but original Dr. Pepper has got to be the greatest option.

You just need a couple simple ingredients, and you will have a little bit of "heaven in a cup" after a minute or two.

Here is what you need:
A can of your soda (pick your poison!), ice, coconut syrup, a lime wedge, and some half and half or heavy cream.

Drizzle a little bit of coconut syrup in your empty cup.  Place a handful of ice on top, and then squeeze your lime wedge over the ice.  Pour your soda over the ice and add a splash of half and half or heavy cream.  That's it!  Use your straw to stir it all around, and enjoy!

You'll have to play around a little bit with the ratio of coconut syrup/lime juice/soda for your taste buds.  Don't start with too much coconut syrup, you can always add more!  I buy the coconut syrup at Smart and Final, for right around $4.  I know that the coconut flavoring can be harder to find in stores sometimes.  It's also sold on Amazon.

Invite some friends over and indulge in some dirty drinks on the back patio some Summer evening!

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