Father's Day Gift

What did you do for the fathers in your life this year?  My intention was to do an inexpensive "Father's Day Gift Guide", but it just didn't happen.  Were you creative and do something handmade?  Or did you splurge on the special guy?  Did you give him an experience instead of a physical gift?  I want to hear!

We did a combined Father's and Mother's Day gift for my parents.  We gave them DIY instagram magnets and gave them a collapsible high chair from Ikea to keep at their house (since Landon is their first grandbaby and they are just starting their "baby stuff" collection!).

For my husband (aka, the baby daddy), I gave him a couple framed pictures for his desk at work (he often has coworkers asking him to see more pictures of Landon, so he gets to be a braggy dad quite often.  This is to help make it easier for them to oooh-and-ahhh).  Brianna Yardley ran a mini photoshoot promotion for Father's Day, so we got some fun shots for inexpensive!  My mom always did "mommy and me" photos with each of her kids when we were 6 months old.  So this doubled for that as well, since I have yet to do anything like that with Landon. It worked out great--we got professional photographs for really inexpensive, and got to give Brett a fun and unique present.

We had a hard time getting smiles out of this normally smiley baby.
He was just coming off of the stomach flu and cutting teeth...and majorly distracted by the big camera in front of him.

And if you think that I am forgetting my most wonderful father-in-law, I am not.  We made a phone call (too expensive and risky to mail things), since they are currently living in Chili for a mission for our church (but they will be home in January, and we are ecstatic!).  

I've already got ideas brewing in my head for next Father's Day. 

Tomorrow, we have our first giveaway, and it is a good one.  You should be excited and check back in tomorrow!

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