Canning Weekend Recap

Well, if you recall, my husband and I traveled to his hometown over Memorial Day Weekend.  It was deemed our canning weekend.  All the women that were there, gathered together and canned up a bunch all day Saturday and Monday.

Saturday, we canned around 80 pounds of chicken.  I took it all down there, since I found a really good deal.  In that town, they don't always get good deals since they only have 1 big-name grocery store and food has to travel down there, which raises prices.  I found boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.69/pound at Food City.  Brett and I went and each got a grocery cart full, stood in separate lines, took it out to the car, and then did it again.  We ended up getting plenty!

We canned most of the chicken in pint size jars, since that equals about a pound of meat (which is what most recipes call for).  On Monday, we canned a bunch of black and pinto beans.

It was kind of a big operation, and I of course, only remembered to snap a few quick pictures, so half of my sisters-in-law aren't even included.  But here is just a glimpse into the weekend!

Here is a peek at my early inventory...
I have since added more black, pinto, and kidney beans for recipes like white/regular chili, pasta salads, Mexican food dishes, etc.  I made my raspberry jam when I found a good deal on raspberries at the Superstition Ranch Market.

Getting into pressure canning and preserving food has been a great learning experience, as well as helping me and my family with food storage on a budget.  Stay tuned, because later this week I will post some tips on what has helped me as a beginner (that would hopefully help you too!).

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