Thanksgiving Tradition

We started a new thanksgiving tradition this year...
...a leaf garland in our kitchen, that we write our thankful thoughts on each evening.

It is a simple enough tradition, and not too late to start, if this sounds like something you and your family might enjoy!  I did use my silhouette machine to cut the leaves out, but you could go to a local scrapbook store and use the die cut machine, cut out your own simple leaf shape (have the kids help!), or I'm sure you can find pre-packaged leaves to use.

I like that it helps us narrow in on the true meaning of the holidays, and gives our kitchen some autumn colors.  Have you ever wondered why most of us are all crazy-excited about the holidays?  I honestly think it's all the little traditions that are embedded in this time of year.  Some of the traditions, large groups of people have in common, while other traditions are super specific to our own individual families.  That's why I am so excited to continue the ones that I love, and begin new ones for my own little family.  I also love, that it is never too late to start.  In a few years, I can continue adding traditions that seem to fit my family's wants and needs!

A similar concept to the leaf garland, is writing gratitude thoughts on leaves for a tree, or on feathers for a turkey.  I also really liked this Thanksgiving garland with meaningful words, it would be beautiful to have strewn across your tablescape or draped in the dining area during your Thanksgiving dinner. Or this amazing idea to write on the tablecloth with permanent markers every year, and able to reflect on blessings present and past.

What are your autumn and Thanksgiving traditions?  Do you have a special "gratitude" tradition, a dish you love to make, or a special activity?  Do you eat a special appetizer every year before your turkey feast or participate in a run or walk prior to the meal?  I want to hear!

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  1. Cute idea! I pinned it! I like the leaf that says, "Tia" :)