Some Fun Links...

We had a really jam-packed and fun weekend.  Between scout campouts and Halloween festivities, we stayed busy but had a good time!  My intention was to post this list two weeks ago, but ya know, I forgot.  So here are a few fun links to kick off your week!

the little family at Apple Annie's Orchard and Pumpkin Patch a couple weeks ago

I've been dying to try this hot chocolate recipe for years, and I am determined to this year!

how adorable are these little ghost donut holes?

next time Brett and I are going out to dinner for a date night, I am dying to try this tip to keep sparks flying!

this book is next on my "to-read" list

I made this delicious apple dip last week, and it is sooo yummy and easy, I am planning on making it again for Halloween evening

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