I'm Back...!

Well, I took a much longer hiatus than planned!  So sorry, I really have missed blogging and updating.  I have to be honest...I felt really crummy, I moved to a new house, and I have a toddler that enjoys making messes galore.  Not to mention it took us nearly a month to get internet at our new house.  Some days I was grateful to get through and blogging was not at the forefront of my mind.  But I missed it and want to start back up!

And then, I started wondering what my first post back should look like... something interesting or so riveting to keep you coming back.  But alas, I will give you a few updates on some changes from our little family, and then I will start the regular posts back up this week too!  So exciting and hope to get back into the swing of things!

I chopped my hair off!  It's funny though, for being such a dramatic change for me, not many people have noticed.  I met my mom, aunts, and grandma for lunch immediately after my hair cut (for my grandma's birthday celebration), and everyone was oohhing-and-ahhhing over Landon's new hair cut, and didn't even notice mine until I mentioned it, haha!

I worked up the courage and bought a 32 pound box of Utah peaches and decided to try canning some and making some Mexican vanilla peach jam.  Since it was successful, I ended up buying a 24 pound box of tomatoes and making some roasted salsa.  I get super nervous whenever I try preserving something new, and these instances were no exception.  But it usually turns out way better than the disaster I envision in my head.  Jam/jelly is actually super easy, if you are hesitant about preserving--give that a go!  Fruit doesn't require a pressure canner, but if you are interested in beans, vegetables, or meat, you can check out my pressure canning post with some tips for beginners.

And eating cheerios has gotten a whole lot more interesting around here!

We also found out, that Baby #2 is a GIRL!  We are so excited and February will be here before we know it!

Stay tuned...this next week or so I plan on posting about several ways to decorate for Halloween that are inexpensive options and have a few fun recipes to share as well!  Welcome Autumn!

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