Favorite Spots Around Town: Liquidators

My friend Angela told me about this place.  Brett and I decided to take a peek, and I can tell you I will be popping in every once and a while.  Especially if we are in need of new electronics (Brett's favorite), because they have amazing prices. 

I don't know tons about this place, other than they have pretty much everything at steep discounts, many things (if not everything--I'm not sure) is from Costco. 

They had lush carpet area rugs for $60!  Not sure if you have looked into buying an area rug recently, but that is literally a steal!  They have home décor, electronics, clothes, small and large appliances, food, and anything else you can imagine. 

I forgot to snap pictures in the actual store, but I took some of our purchases.

Location: Sorry for those who viewed this originally, I forgot to add the location!  This store is located off of Alma School and University, behind the Fresh and Easy.  It is one of the only things in business in the entire strip mall.  Hope you get the chance to go take a look at it sometime! 

I got these pillows for $12 total.  Normally one pillow like this would, at the minimum, cost $12.  So $6 each...I was happy with that!

And Brett got these Docker's flat front panel pants for $10 (and another different pair, too!).
I mean, these pants are so durable, he can even do work in them--like feeding the chickens.  (Ok, so really I just like snapping pictures of his toosh--so don't tell him I posted this, he'd be really embarrassed.  He's a pretty modest fellow, that husband of mine).
And since they decided to disperse during the above picture, here is a glimpse at our chickens.  We currently have 8.  Which means lots of eggs will be coming our way soon!

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